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How to Open Your Account

Watch the video above or read the 12 simple steps detailed below to open your account, and you’ll be ready to transfer money in as your initial investment. (We call this ‘funding’ the account.)

First, we’ll collect your personal information such as name and address, and you’ll create a secure password. Next, we’ll ask for your age, your annual income, and how much you’re interested in investing. After that, you’ll enter information about your financial goals, your timeframe for a return, and how much risk you’re willing to accept. At the end, we’ll confirm if this is an individual or retirement account and collect some details about your employment. Lastly, we’ll ask if you’re married, who will benefit from the account funds, and any trusted contacts you’d like to include. Once all of this information has been submitted, you’ll get an email to verify you’re account so you’re ready to fund it!

or use the same 12 simple steps detailed below

Account Opening Process

1. Begin the account opening process by clicking here.


Personal Information

2. Enter your information to setup your login credentials.

Watch Our Video to Learn About Our Online Dashboard

Select a Goal

3. Enter your age, annual income, and the approximate amount you want to invest

4. Select which goal is most important to you and when you plan to use the funds you invest.

Assess Your Risk

5. Complete the 5-item questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance.

5-item risk tolerance questionnaire continued.

5-item risk tolerance questionnaire continued.

5-item risk tolerance questionnaire continued.

5-item risk tolerance questionnaire continued.

5-item risk tolerance questionnaire continued.

Open Your Account

6. Choose which type of account you wish to open. In this example, we chose an Individual account type.

7. Enter your phone number, address, and mailing address (if applicable).

8. Enter your employment information and answer the affiliation questions.

9. Enter your marital status, trusted contact (if desired), and beneficiary(ies) (retirement account only).

10. Review your information.


11. You are almost done! Be sure to open your email inbox and open your Align verification email, and then click “Verify Email.”

In some cases, additional information may be requested to verify your identity.


12. After verifying your account, you will receive an email that your account has been successfully opened.


Next Step… Accessing and Funding your Account

Click here for instructions on how to fund your account.

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