funding your account

How to Link Bank Accounts and Transfer Money

Use the 12 simple steps detailed below to transfer money into your account as your initial investment. (We call this ‘funding’ the account.) Align Investments has no account minimums, so you can get started today.

First, you’ll add a new bank account, and link this external account to Align Investments. You’ll use your login credentials for your bank to connect the accounts. Then, you’ll set up the deposit, including the amount of money, how often you want it to transfer, and when it should begin. Once you review the details and confirm, it will take 1-3 days for the accounts to link and the transfer to take place.

Once all of this information has been submitted, you’re all finished! Your account is opened and funded.

or use the same 12 simple steps detailed below

Account Funding Process

1. Login to your portal by clicking here. (You have to open an account first, so if you haven’t opened an account yet, click here.)

2. Click “Transfer Money”.

3. Click “I want to….” and then “Deposit”

Set Up Your Deposit

4. Click the “To” dropdown to select which Align account into which you wish to deposit the funds


5. Click the “From” dropdown and select “Add a new bank account”

Link Your External Account

6. A new screen will appear – click “Continue”

7. Search for and select your bank (**See below if your bank does not appear.)

8. Enter your outside account’s login credentials (Note: Not your Align credentials)

You may be asked to verify your identity (text or phone call)


9. Select the account you wish to link to Align.



Set Up Your Deposit (Amount, Frequency, and Date)


10. Align’s setup screen will reappear – choose your desired Amount, Frequency and Transfer Date, then click “Continue”

11. Review and confirm the transfer details, then click “Continue”


12. You are finished! You should see the funds in 1-3 business days from your selected transfer date.

**If your bank does not appear, you can click “Link with account numbers” and confirm the link by microdeposits. Follow the step-by-step instructions on your screen.

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