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Biblically Responsible

Virtual, Low-Fee Investing

Through the combination of virtual investing and biblically responsible investing (BRI), Align Investments simplifies your investment experience. Whether you are a first-time investor looking to see your money grow instead of stagnating in a bank account, or an experienced DIY investor who seeks low fees and a clean portfolio you can be proud to own, Align My Finances is the tool for you.

Our online dashboard and virtual investing tools provide an automated approach to managing your finances, and our exclusively biblically responsible investments (BRI) help you reformat your financial goals in order to incorporate your faith. There are no account minimums to use our platform. BRI provides a purposeful approach to investing, by directing your finances towards companies and businesses prioritizing faith-based principles and morality.

Our automated, biblically responsible approach can revolutionize your investing experience. It is a union of simplicity and stewardship.

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Expand Your Kingdom Impact

A Union of Simplicity and Stewardship

virtual investing




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Minimize Risk

Set your own risk tolerances based on your time horizon.

Low Fees

Competitive rates that are lower than managed options, and no account minimums to open.

Biblically Responsible Investment Process

We help integrate your faith and values into your portfolio.

Active Guidance and Management

Funds are allocated by virtual advisors based on your financial goals and risk assessment.

Personalized Service

A 24/7 personalized experience that frees your time from extensive research.

Diversified Portfolios

Implement biblically responsible index fund strategies without any day-to-day management on your own.

What is virtual investing?

Virtual investing is a new concept for many investors. If you aren’t ready to interact with a financial advisor face-to-face, Align Investments’ virtual investing tool and our convenient online dashboard allow you to begin investing so your money can grow while you make plans for your financial future. This automated investment platform has proven successful for many investors, due to the low fees, the minimal risk, and the automated approach to portfolio handling.

In this process, guidance and management are provided online after you answer a series of simple, easy-to-understand questions about your goals and future dreams. The money you invested is allocated by virtual advisors based on your financial goals and risk assessment.

These automated investment platforms are ideal particularly for entry-level investors, but they can be beneficial for anyone looking to grow wealth.

DIY investors of any age and millennials are attracted to the 24-hour convenience and transparency of the information Align My Finances’ dashboard provides. Our virtual advisory platform can invest your money into diversified portfolios and implement index fund strategies, all to help you achieve your personal financial goals. You can be proud to own a piece of the companies you’re invested in because their missions align with your personal values.

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A Growing Trend

millions of investors

million virtual investors currently
million virtual investors by 2023 (expected)

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What is biblically responsible investing (BRI)?

Biblically responsible investing (BRI) is a technique that allows investors to integrate their faith values into the area of finances. This system of investing seeks to exclude companies that profit from practices such as tobacco, alcohol, pornography, and abortion, to name a few. While BRI does redirect your finances towards companies with God-honoring principles, it also seeks to help you achieve your financial goals.

Aiming to align your faith with your personal financial investments is a powerful way to utilize your resources to the glory of God and play a role in Kingdom impact. It can be hard to know how to get started as an investor, but Align Investments is here to help.

Our convenient online dashboard allows you to integrate your faith into an area that is often difficult to navigate. When we integrate faith into our finances, we can strive to view financial goals and wealth through a biblical lens.



Over 93% of publicly traded companies do NOT fail BRI screens
Support companies making an honest, positive impact



Over 93% of publicly traded companies do NOT fail BRI screens
Support companies making an honest, positive impact

Faith and Finances

Why should you consider Align Investments for your financial future?

Your money can do more than sit in a bank account. It can grow in a way that positively impacts causes you believe in. Align Investments has no account minimums, so get started today!


Redistributing funds to companies and businesses that operate through a biblical lens is a valuable way you can integrate your faith into your finances.



is already managed using socially responsible, faith-based or other screening methods.

With over 57 million American households — 45% of the population — invested in one or more mutual funds, there is tremendous opportunity for Christians to change their world simply by investing differently.


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